Will A Frozen Mouse Eat Cheese?

“Mom, did you hear the Disney guy froze himself in ice when he died? They say that costs a ton of money…probably why Disney World’s so expensive. But here’s the thing I just don’t get…when they bring him back to life, what the heck is he gonna do about all the frost bite?

Oh, and just so you know…I’m giving up cheese for Lent. I heard Jesus was lactose intolerant.”  Jay-9




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38 Responses to Will A Frozen Mouse Eat Cheese?

  1. Goeber.com says:

    And I always wonder what your reaction is if any?


  2. daeja says:

    you know….i wondered about some of that myself….. 🙂


  3. Bearman says:

    I want more on the back story of Jesus and cheese.


  4. I love how his mind works.


  5. ryoko861 says:

    Jesus is lactose intolerant? I bet he heard that on the bus!

    Perceptive child. Yes, that probably is why Disney is so expensive!


    • I bet it’s in small print on the back of the admittance ticket into Disney World…

      “In case you’re wondering why you had to take a second mortgage on your home to come here, it’s so we can keep Mr. Disney on ice. Thank you and come again.”


  6. John Erickson says:

    “Will a frozen mouse eat cheese?” Yes, but only if it’s frozen? (Rimshot.)
    What else can I say, but “What a COOL post!” 😀


  7. Sean Farley says:

    Where do they come up with this stuff??


  8. O. Leonard says:

    Frostbite could, indeed, be an issue. I’m impressed that he connects the cost of Disney World to the cost of keeping Mr. Disney on ice. Too funny.


  9. Dad says:

    He also gave up the x-box. I’ll bet he’s eating cheese and playing x-box within a week.I hope Jesus will “tolerate” that.


  10. muddledmom says:

    I hope it’s not like at my house where such deep thought occurs first thing in the morning, when my brain is incapable of functioning. It just hurts too much to try to think about any of this stuff.


  11. Binky says:

    I think the death part might be harder to overcome than the frostbite.


  12. A lactose intolerant Jesus would explain a lot. Maybe Disney can clear that up for us when we bring him back.


  13. Oh no! I was hoping he’d be tolerant of all cheeses…


  14. cooper says:

    quotes from the upcoming self-help book, “Who Moved My Walt”


  15. Scholar Mel says:

    I suppose the pharisees were like stinky cheese, so in a sense Jesus was lactose intolerant. 🙂


  16. but the word “cheese” comes from Jesus…as in Jeeeeze…continue…


  17. Tony McGurk says:

    Surely Walt would’ve worn warm socks & gloves to protect from frostbite. Or they put him in a giant freezer bag.
    The Gospel According To Jay
    And the devil appeared to him in the wilderness & said “If you are the Son of God command this stone to be turned into cheese”
    Then Jesus answered him saying “Go away Satan for it is written, “I am lactose intolerant” “


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